Thursday, 11 November 2010

Marys Puppett making workshop 10th Nov

some key points to remember on Marys Workshop (10th Nov 2010) Today;

A list of things we need to do;

#buy some liquid latex from the Uni Stores (we can get one tub between the 2 of us).

#have the scale drawings completed by next weeks workshop.

#Me- have a remodel of the maquette head have a look at the real head shapes of creatures , have a look at skull photos, and think about how our head will be constructed.

#Have practiced moulding and playing with the different foams we were given, some are thicker , some are thin both can be usefull for a larger padded torso etc. different absorbencies and textures of the foam.

#look up places, B&Q, Wickes etc where we can buy the wire from.

#ME- have a go at playing with different tyes of materials, fur fabric, old cuddly toy fur, knitted skin of armature etc.

#also we need to research the style of the film, will it be made of knitted fabrics? i have a knitting machine at home and have knitting needles to experiment with.

# have a real idea and learn to understand the shapes of our characters, the head for example look at how our real life ani9mals heads are made up , this will make it easier to build from this then, when we have an understandin as to how the head works and can work for our design; the head is not a round ball, has the sections of ; brain shape (cranium ) on top, the solid face underneath(where the eyes will go)and the jaw underneath that(this is a hinge so the mouth can open and close).

anyway, hope this is a helpfull recap of the workshop and what we need to do/think about; if you cant think of anything else we should consider please post it!


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