Monday, 22 November 2010

Feedback on storyboards 22nd Nov 2010

# Keep inside of the cell simple, no brickwork.

#inside of the cell should no look too metallic/space age will contrast with the simple desert.

#Have the cell window up high, then the animals will stand on each other to look out.

#Could have ledge in the cell that the animals can climb on/jump on,play with levels in the cell animals dont have to be on the floor all the time, could be near the window, above the door?.

#cut down on the asteroid shots just have flashes of colour.

#have the plants growing overnight, cockerel wakes up first, alerts the other creatures to the plants growing inside the cell, bush baby could start running around, cockerel starts to peck at the plants.

#have the wall crumbling scene/plants growing as longer, walls start to crack and slowly crumble from the plants growing inside.

# is there a pond, lake that has evolved when the jungle has appeared? then the squid could jump in it, relief for his dry skin.