Monday, 1 November 2010

The Beautiful Cell – Character History

The Beautiful Cell – Character History
The Squid

Eye Colour; Black

Height; 10 inches

Age; 5

Name; Cephal

Skin Colour ; shades of Blue, can change colour through emotion.

Favourite Hobby; swimming through the warm ocean and changing colour to suit his surroundings.

Species; a marine cephalopods of the order Teuthida.

Best memory; eating a large group of fish in the African Ocean.

Location/Home; Africa

Best Friends; His squid family that he left behind and his new cell mates the Bush baby and Chicken.

Dislikes; the heat of the Desert that Is making his skin dry and sore.

Aspirations; to be reunited with his Squid family and swim freely in the Ocean once again.

Worst Memory; The day he was locked inside the Prison.

Wishes; For a better life, to have his freedom back and to create a larger squid family.

Regrets; swimming into the fishing net and being trapped by the humans.

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