Sunday, 27 February 2011

Armature Development 2 (Continued)

Continued Development photos :D !

Armature Development 2

After a long weekend, I now have a really good idea as to what the armatures will look like, what i want from them movement wise, and how they will be made i am very happy! there are still a few things that need improvement the cockerels size is still too large, the Bush baby needs to be smaller as well but the squid's size seems okay for the moment!

Here are a few of the development photos, there is a lot more work that needs to be completed on these creatures but they are progressing! hopefully i will have time to make some Foam Latex moulds as this would be a great skill to learn and make the puppets fabulous to animate, hoping Mary will have time to show us this friday and next week :D

The feedback from Marys Surgery on armature making 16th Feb 2011

On the 16th Feb we had a very productive meeting with Mary on the our ideas and how to go about making our film, where to start? the Feedback was;

# Use Foamboard as it is lightweight and cheap to buy, can be used for the backgrounds and long shot of Prison building.

#Use photo of sky for the background, dont mess around with making a sky doesnt look as nice!

# The puppetts need to be completed and ready to animate before we make the sets, for scale and size.

#use minatures for long range shots.

#use crossfades whilst zooming into scenes, (beginning especially).

#dont attach the walls together whilst making the cell! need to have them seperate for the lighting and camera moves/ shots.

# attach printed sky and desert pictures to the outside of the cell window, as a realistic view.

#Can use some of Mary's plant props for the Jungle scene, or can use the origional knitted plants idea :D . has some good advice from animation professionals, forum to chat with model makers, and also has printable guides on making foam latex moulds

#Try dry brushing the finnished sets, can also use plaster to build up texture on the cell walls outside of walls etc.

#Ideally puppetts should be 4-6 inches in height for the size of table we are using.