Thursday, 3 March 2011

A few final photos for now, of the animals leaving the crumbled prison :D

The minatures :D Bush baby, cockerel, and squid have left the prison, the walls have collapsed from the plants breaking through, now the animals are free to roam the jungle that has erupted overnight :D

The plants are growing at a fast rate towards the prison, and inside the prison the Animals are startled!

This scene shows the comets hurtling through space towards Earth, they crash into the desert, then the plants start to grow out of them :D slowly taking over the desert and making it rich in nature.

Acting out the Animatic (continued)

A few more photos from the live animatic shoot, builders sand with some flakes of coral and stones for the Desert effect.

The Live animatic

Here are a few Photos of the live animatic, acting out the script and storyboards to see how long the film will be, what camera angles we will use etc, just some very very usefull planning before we start the Final animation :D