Wednesday, 8 December 2010



(Scorpion has been taken out of panel in Photoshop)



(The new panel for this has been edited in Photo-shop)





Preperation for Pitch Number two on the 13th Dec

Jade and Becky's to Do list;

For the test animation this week we need to have a LOT ready for it ;

# Assess the amount of wool i have and get some more colours if nessacery?

#knit up some jungle plants, think of the stems (will be some different blends of green), also think of the larger plants that will have a wire framework underneath the knitted outer layer.

#think of the different jungle plant colours, flowers are very bright, trees are different shades of brown etc.

#Think of the space background, will it be green screen behind the papier mache comets? or knitted black space background?.

#paint papier mache comets.

#knit some comets as well? would be gold, yellow,red and black shades?

#Could also dip the comets in some coloured latex?

#create some plants from real tree twigs, dipped in coloured latex as well? knitted over the top?

Lastly create the powerpoint presentation which should have;

#the development photos of our work.


#under camera test videos.

#maquette and test puppett (to pass around while we are presenting to the audience)

# some concept art and charchter design drawings.

#research photos?

#One sheet

Also make sure me and Becky both have copies of all the test animation videos!