Sunday, 27 February 2011

The feedback from Marys Surgery on armature making 16th Feb 2011

On the 16th Feb we had a very productive meeting with Mary on the our ideas and how to go about making our film, where to start? the Feedback was;

# Use Foamboard as it is lightweight and cheap to buy, can be used for the backgrounds and long shot of Prison building.

#Use photo of sky for the background, dont mess around with making a sky doesnt look as nice!

# The puppetts need to be completed and ready to animate before we make the sets, for scale and size.

#use minatures for long range shots.

#use crossfades whilst zooming into scenes, (beginning especially).

#dont attach the walls together whilst making the cell! need to have them seperate for the lighting and camera moves/ shots.

# attach printed sky and desert pictures to the outside of the cell window, as a realistic view.

#Can use some of Mary's plant props for the Jungle scene, or can use the origional knitted plants idea :D . has some good advice from animation professionals, forum to chat with model makers, and also has printable guides on making foam latex moulds

#Try dry brushing the finnished sets, can also use plaster to build up texture on the cell walls outside of walls etc.

#Ideally puppetts should be 4-6 inches in height for the size of table we are using.

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