Wednesday, 13 October 2010

first draft of script

First Draft

Animals in Jail - script

A Dark screen emerges

Through the dust of the Mexican desert, a jail Building is seen in the distance.

SLOW ZOOM IN (whilst being narrated)

The dust settles and we see the strong and large building standing alone in the arid landscape, the narrator is introducing the program and the prison. An old looking scorpion slowly scuttles by.

CUT TO;Inside of the prison

We view the inside of the Prison building, and the few jail cells that it has within it, The Animal inmates are in their variously shaped cells either sleeping, eating contra banned sweets or cleaning themselves.

CUT TO;A prison guard

Who has fallen asleep in the Prisons Reception room, he is snoring loudly and almost drowning out the sound of the television which has been left running in the background. The television has a dog food advert on it.


Some drawn images/ photographs of the prison as it used to be when it was newly built in the 1970’s, a strong cage of a building , the photographs include some of the original prison guards wearing the traditional 70’s clothing and large fur/hair standing in humorous poses, others include the incarcerated prisoners and their line up photos and paw prints.


A photograph of a hardened criminal the most deadly prisoner that Mexico has seen; senior Boa, the murdering boa constrictor. His murder spree started when his owner replaced him with a Chihuahua and his jealousy reigned from there, he continued to eat this said pet and all that he could find within his neighbourhood area exacting revenge on all terrified animals!

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